In a world filled with cosmetics that demand more, we offer products that require less. Modern cosmetics are often laden with ingredients that dilute their effectiveness, leaving you wondering if you're getting your money's worth.

At Gubba Homestead, we've redefined the beauty regimen. Our products are a testament to simplicity and authenticity. We steer clear of superfluous fillers, allowing you to experience remarkable results with just a small amount.

Our secret? Beef tallow, an ancient beauty elixir used for over 5,000 years, is our star ingredient. Combined with the purest essential oils, our formulas are as natural as they come. These are the same ingredients I use to nourish myself, held to the highest standards for cosmetics.

Every component of Gubba Homestead products undergoes stringent testing to meet our three criteria:
  • Ancestral Test: Each ingredient is rooted in history, having been trusted by our ancestors for thousands of years in cosmetics.
  • Natural Test: Our ingredients are sourced directly from nature and undergo minimal processing.
  • Scientific Test: We validate the safety and efficacy of each ingredient through modern science.
Gubba Homestead isn't just another "natural cosmetics" brand. We're a tribute to the wisdom of advanced civilizations that came before us – Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and more. These civilizations achieved wonders without today's technology, from building pyramids to measuring the Earth's circumference with basic tools.

While technology advances, we cherish the timeless wisdom encoded in our genes from our ancestors' experiences spanning thousands of years. We believe in embracing their wisdom, learning from it, and making thoughtful changes in a world often driven by corporate profits.

Join us in rediscovering the beauty in mindful consumption, rooted in our rich ancestral heritage.

Unlock your true beauty with Gubba Homestead.
-Founder of Gubba Homestead

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