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Whipped Tallow Balm - Original Homestead Blend

Whipped Tallow Balm - Original Homestead Blend

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Meet my Whipped Tallow Balm! It's made with lots of care using the best beef fat from happy cows who roam in green pastures. It's not just regular lotion; it's like a song made by nature and science working together to make your skin happy.

My balm isn't just for keeping your skin moist. It's full of important vitamins like A, D, E, and K. These vitamins are super good for your skin!

When you use it, your skin feels smoother and you get a natural glow.

You can find my Whipped Tallow Balm in pretty glass jars that hold 2 ounces. I made sure my product is top-notch and 100% natural.

Remember, since my balm is made from natural stuff, it might look a little different sometimes. But that's okay! It's just nature being itself, and that's beautiful. It’s what our ancestors used, and I think it’s time we return to our roots.

*Jar color may vary*

Grass-fed tallow, organic cold-pressed olive oil, clove bud oil, organic lemon oil, cinnamon bark oil, eucalyptus oil, and organic rosemary oil.


Lavender Tallow: Grass-fed tallow, organic cold-pressed olive oil, lavender oil.

Homestead Tallow: Grass-fed tallow, organic cold-pressed olive oil, clove bud oil, organic lemon oil, cinnamon bark oil, eucalyptus oil, and organic rosemary oil.

Naked (Unscented) Tallow: 
Grass-fed tallow, organic cold-pressed olive oil.


  • Helps keep skin really moist
  • Makes skin feel super soft
  • Helps heal dry, cracked skin
  • Good for skin that gets irritated easily
  • Can be used on your whole body and face
  • Safe for everyone in your family

How to use it

Put a little bit of our Whipped Tallow Balm on your skin. You don't need a lot because it's really strong and doesn't have any extra stuff added to it.

You can decide how often you want to use it. Some people use it two times a day, while others use it less often.

This balm can do amazing things for any part of your body or face. It's great for dry skin, acne, eczema, rashes, psoriasis, or even if you got a little sunburned.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews

This has been the only thing to clear up my skin!!

Crystal Auclair

Just wanted to comment that I ordered the homestead oil blend tallow, and I cannot say that I have ever been MORE IMPRESSED with a skincare product in my life. I am in the beauty industry, I have super sensitive skin, and I've tried ALL the things previously! My skin feels smooth, so incredibly soft, and my over 40 acne is calming, my rosasse is calming, and my skin looks radiant, instead of the dull I’ve been fighting for sometime now. I literally wash and apply this tallow. THAT’S IT! I’m a hairstylist, so my hands are always dry and uncomfortable…and this is so so soothing! This one outdoes them all...and it's COMPLETELY NATURAL. Like our ancestors used. No synthetics, no hormone or endocrine disrupters, AND, it's eco friendly. Yep, that's right, fellow tree huggers. I'm going to die on this hill. Respectfully, using the entire animal IS eco-friendly. Thank you, Gubba Homestead for being you, and your amazing content, and your amazing, pure products.

Lindsay Thompson
I love this stuff!

I just wish it was bigger!

Anna roethle

I used this the first day I got it and my skin was so soft and by the end of the day it still was. I have used many other face lotions and this has worked so much better. I will be referring my friends to purchase this product. After using this for a week I couldn’t be more happy. My skin is glowing and I don’t have dry patches any more.

Charissa Bertone
Love it!!

Absolutely love my tallow!!! Only complaint would be that I need MORE! I have an autoimmune disease and dry skin comes with it. My body doesn't absorb A, D, E and K and this product makes my skin feel AMAZING! Such a game changer.